residential lawn turf

Lawn & Landscapes

Everyone loves the look of finely manicured landscapes, especially when they require virtually no maintenance and is environmenally friendly. Homeowners love their home’s appearance and heightened value and property owners benefit from lower maintenance costs, improved curb appeal and an impressive return on investment. From front yards to back yards, pool areas - let Arizona Turf Masters transform your yard into area for your family to enjoy for many years.
dog friendly turf

Pet Applications

Pet allergies, muddy paws and missing grass patches are a thing of the past with Arizona Turf Masters synthetic grass for pets. 100% environmentally friendly and designed with a polyurethane, flow-through backing system, Arizona Turf Master’s grass options for pets allow you to give Fido a clean, comfortable space to play. Your pet will enjoy the cozy comfort and you will love the easy low maintenance and beautiful green grass all year long!
residential golfing green

Golf & Putting Greens

Make your friends green with envy by installing an Arizona Turf Masters synthetic putting green in your backyard! There’s no better way to improve your game than being able to practice from the comfort of your own home. A synthetic putting green possess a natural look and will give your ball a roll and bounce like that of a professional golf course. Unlike a professional golf course, synthetic putting greens require minimal maintenance and water usage, allowing you to save a hefty amount of time and money. Let Arizona Turf Masters help build your practice green and watch your stress lower faster than your handicap!
playground landscape


Constructing a safe place for our children to play, whether you are a parent, a child care provider or facility manager is the most important thing. Our kid friendly playground systems are designed according to the IPEMA and ASTM standards and can meet Critical Fall Height requirements up to 12’. Maintenance-free, economical, eco-friendly and visually appealing, outdoor artificial turf provides safe and high-performance surfaces perfect for all playground areas. A practical alternative to natural grass, where unsafe pesticides and fertilizers are used, we only use the highest-grade of artificial grasses. All Arizona Turf Masters playground systems are independently verified to be 100% free from heavy metals & lead and safe for children and pets. Our advanced backing system ensures maximum drainage with little to no moisture build-up.
commercial turf


Arizona Turf Masters offers the perfect solution for commercial landscape applications. From common- areas to sprawling landscape designs, commercial grass options have proven to be the smart decision for businesses and property owners looking to save money, maximize resources and reduce maintenance costs. Businesses and municipalities enjoy a quick return on investment after the installation of synthetic grass and see a significant increase in the value of thier property.
sports field hockey grass


Synthetic turf is an increasingly popular choice for athletic fields, batting cages, multi-purpose areas and weight rooms alike. Depending on your location, choosing synthetic turf for your football field can save between 500,000 and 1,000,000 gallons of water every year. Synthetic turf also helps eliminate harmful pesticides, fertilizers, emissions from lawn equipment and allergens, all which pose significant health and environmental threats. Specifically engineered for heavy usage applications, Arizona Turf Masters athletic turf provides the safety and performance for any sport or activity.
SportCourt & Mini Field


Have a project with non-traditional specifications? Not a problem! Arizona Turf Masters can help design and install your space from intricate cutting to rooftop projects. There is no project too big or too small that can't be brought to life by Arizona Turf Masters.