Arizona Turf Masters specializes in making parents happy while keeping their children safe! Our playground systems combine safety, simplicity, and cost effectiveness with ease of installation and maintenance.

We offer the industries’ most advanced turf & pad systems. The ultimate level of cushioning is added to the turf by laying the soft play pad underneath the turf, in turn, providing an ultimate level of cushion for those active little ones. All products are independently tested to be free from heavy metals and lead free and designed according to the IPEMA and ASTM Fall Height standards. It’s safer and easier to install than poured-in-place surfaces, and less expensive to maintain than wood fiber, sand, or other lose-fill alternatives.

Environmentally friendly and practically maintenance free, our playground turf is suited to a range of environments. It is slip-resistant and achieves critical fall height protection up to 11 feet. It is 100% American Made, available in a medium or high-density turf, and available in two color options.

We are committed to constructing a safe place for our children to play. Whether you are a parent, a child care provider or a facility manager the most important thing is safety. Let Arizona Turf Masters provide you, and your kids, hours of safe, worry-free fun!

  • Backyard PlayZone Playgrounds
  • Commercial / Public Use Playgrounds
  • In-ground trampolines
  • Under climbing structures
  • Under swing sets

Kentucky Blue 88
Pacifico 80
Play Pad 1”
Play Pad 2”

Infill Options


There are many options for infill materials. The infill systems are designed to create a ballast to prevent wrinkling and it truly gives artificial turf the support and stability to make it maintain the appearance of naturl grass. There are many options when choosing an infill material for your artificial turf. Most products require 1lb to 3lb of infill per square foot. Adding infill material on top of your synthetic grass is the final stage of the installation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a safety pad under my playground system?
AZTM’s Power Play System™ offers the industries most advanced turf & pad system available in the market. Combining a soft play pad underneath the turf gives the ultimate level of cushion for those active little ones. Power Play Turf is available in a medium density or high-density turf and is 100% American made. It is also available in two color options.

Is the pad material safe for my kids and pets?

We independently test all our products for heavy metals and lead and only carry products that pass the most stringent guidelines. Only then can they get the AZTM seal of approval. The play pad comes in 1” with a critical fall height of 4’ or 2” play pad with a critical fall height of 8’.

How do I clean and maintain my playground system?
Rinse periodically with water

product turf roll

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Custom Ordering

Have a project with non-traditional specifications? Not a problem! We’ve partnered with industry leading manufacturers to offer just about any grass type you can imagine. We consult with the manufacturer and customize a product specific to your exacting needs. Give us a call so we can go over the specifics. Minimums may apply.