There are many options for infill materials. The infill systems are designed to create a ballast to prevent wrinkling and it truly gives artificial turf the support and stability to make it maintain the appearance of naturl grass. There are many options when choosing an infill material for your artificial turf. Most products require 1lb to 3lb of infill per square foot. Adding infill material on top of your synthetic grass is the final stage of the installation process.

Silica Sand

Silica sand is the most common synthetic landscape turf infill product. Standard lawn infill is 70% silica sand & 30% crumb rubber. It is also used in putting greens, and top-dressed with colored sand.

Crumb Rubber

Crumb rubber is recycled, ground-up tires. Standard lawn infill is 70% silica sand & 30% crumb rubber. This is the product that is utilized in athletic fields to achieve a G-Max rating. It can also be used to increase safety in play areas, under play equipment, et cetera.

Copper Slag*

Copper slag is an eco-friendly sand. It is commonly used on applications for children, pets, and in areas where there will be traffic into a pool.


ZeoFill is an all natural volcanic ash that neutralizes the odor of pet urine. It is eco-friendly and biodegradable, lasting up to 5 years! Although its main purpose is for pets, it is also recommended for children.

This application is a 2-part infill: Copper Slag and ZeoFill. The ratio varies based on size and number of pets.

Black & Green Colored Sand

Pet Safe. Coating encapsulates dust. Gives Artificial Turf a natural feel.

Green Sand

Pet Safe. Non-toxic. Gives Artificial Tura a natural feel. Long Lasting Acrylic Coating.