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Make your friends green with envy by installing synthetic putting greens in your backyard! There’s no better way to improve your game than by being able to practice from the comfort of your home. Synthetic putting greens have a natural look and give your ball a roll and bounce similar to that of a natural grass golf course. Yet, unlike a professional golf course, synthetic putting greens from Turf Masters have no divots, never need overseeding, require very minimal maintenance and water usage, allowing you to save a hefty amount of time and money.


Arizona Turf Masters is the Southwests premier golf and putting green designer and installer. Our durable, high-quality artificial putting green turf is perfect putt putt, mini-golf, backyard putting greens, golf mats, or driving ranges.

We sell thousands of square feet of our top-tier quality artificial golf green per year and our superior design and installation crews have the knowledge and ability to help make even your grandest golf vision a reality.


We know how important speed is in a golf green. That’s why Arizona Turf Masters works closely with our clients to modify greens to fit their personal specifications. Want an approach shot that sticks on the green? How about that perfect undulation and dialed in stimp meter speed? Arizona Turf Masters has the products and knowledge to create a picture-perfect golf area for even the most exacting golf fanatic.


Our synthetic putting greens are made from two types of material: polypropylene and nylon. Polypropylene golf turf is designed to hold the shot from a distance and control speed to allow modification of your shot, and the nylon provides a very smooth roll, along with an appearance of a natural looking putting surface.


You just did. Arizona Turf Masters has everything you need to create the perfect golf area. Our years of experience in designing and installing golf greens is unmatched in the Southwest and our unparalleled customer service takes the mystery out of the process.

We’ll help you evaluate the many details like:

  • What putting material should be used?
  • Nylon versus Polypropylene?
  • How large should the green be?
  • Where to put undulations and hole locations?
  • What type of shots do you want to practice?
  • Are you trying to improve your short game?
  • How much Fringe / Chipping area should I have?
  • Do you want a border around the green?
  • Do you want landscaping features like boulders
    sand traps, grass bunkers, etc.?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an artificial green putt? Is it similar to a natural green?
Yes, we use the same contours and undulations found in natural greens. Also, synthetic greens will putt at the similar stimp speed as well cared for natural bent grass greens. This is the reason many Pros have opted for synthetic greens at their homes.

Can I chip or hit distance shots?
Yes, the ball will react like a natural green, although, some turfs are better than others for holding the ball. Since residential greens are much smaller than most commercial greens, your expectations should be realistic. We can add a putting pad to your green and it will help the ball “stick” with distance shots, however, it is difficult to hold a ball from 150 yards on a small backyard green.

How fast is the green? Are there different speeds?
Speeds can be varied based on several factors. Turf selection, infill material, undulations and other factors determine green speed. Traditionally speeds from 8-13 on the stimp meter can be achieved.

Can synthetic greens be installed indoors?
Yes, we have some turfs for putting with rubber backing. they require no sand fill making it an ideal product for indoor applications, such as, putt-putt, (these turfs are not typically used for chipping).

What can damage a synthetic green?
Since nylon and polypropylene are both synthetic, weather conditions rarely damage or adversely affect the green. It will, however, be affected by a burning match or a dropped cigarette or intense reflective glare from windows as the heat sources could melt the turf. as a precaution, harsh cleaners or detergents should not be used on the turf as a simple water rinse will do the trick. The sand and base layers of a green can be affected by excessive rain water run-off, ants, and in rare cases small rodents can tunnel under the green and damage it.


Can synthetic greens be installed in any climate?
Yes. Synthetic greens are not affected by weather.

Is there a minimum or maximum size for a synthetic green?
No, the turf has no limitations. The only limitations would be your space and budget. While planning and designing your putting green consider that our putting greens come in 15' widths, this will help reduce turf waste, and unnecessary seams.

Can the holes be moved on a synthetic green?
In a practical sense, no. The old hole is covered and it will affect the roll of the ball to some degree. If this is not a concern to the owner, the holes may be moved.

How long will a synthetic green last?
We expect the green to be playable for 10 years. The base can be re-used for many life cycles of the green.

Can I install a synthetic green myself?
Installing a putting green requires a lot of skill, prep work, and cutting. This is not a weekend warrior project, let the professionals at Arizona turf masters help you plan and design the perfect putting green.

How long does it take to install a synthetic green?
A small green, under 1000 square feet, can be completed in a day by experienced installers. Greens up to 2000 square feet can be installed in around two to three working days depending on the complexity.

Is there a limitation on the shape of a synthetic green?
No, the turf can be trimmed to any shape, but you must remember some designs cause more waste than others. Your designer will help determine what works best for your area.

What is the average size of a synthetic home putting green?
The average size of a residential putting green is 300-650 square feet. it is also important to consider whether you would like your green to have a fringe or not. We can help you build a basic a 1-hole practice green all the way up to full putting courses.

Can tiers and elevations be added to my green?
Yes, but the green must be large enough to allow the tier to play like a golf green. If you put a four-inch tier in a 100 square foot green, you have essentially made a miniature golf hole, which is not our goal. A well-designed green is usually 1000+ square feet to have a noticeable tier installed in it.


What will my artificial green cost?
There are several variables on pricing a green: how much fringe, shape, undulations, number of holes and size are all things that need to be CONSIDERED. CONTACT US today for a free and detailed estimate.

What will be the cost to maintain it?
Minimal, on a green we recommend an annual rolling of your green and perhaps re-top dressing of your sand filled greens. Just using a blower to clean it is the main thing we recommend for regular maintenance.

Infill Options


There are many options for infill materials. The infill systems are designed to create a ballast to prevent wrinkling and it truly gives artificial turf the support and stability to make it maintain the appearance of naturl grass. There are many options when choosing an infill material for your artificial turf. Most products require 1lb to 3lb of infill per square foot. Adding infill material on top of your synthetic grass is the final stage of the installation process.

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Custom Ordering

Have a project with non-traditional specifications? Not a problem! We’ve partnered with industry leading manufacturers to offer just about any grass type you can imagine. We consult with the manufacturer and customize a product specific to your exacting needs. Give us a call so we can go over the specifics. Minimums may apply.