Pacifico 60

Product Description

Pacifico’s lush field and fescue green with brown thatch create the look of a tropical oasis. Perfect for areas with moderate traffic. Pacifico is a superb choice to create a lush tropical oasis in areas with moderate traffic. It’s thick with rich dual-toned field and spring green grass blades and highlighted with a natural brown thatch layer.

Pacifico 60:

  • Color: Field and Fescue green with brown thatch
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 10 years
  • Yarn Type: Polyethylene
  • Face Weight: 60 oz
  • Total Weight: 86 oz
  • Pile Height: 1 1/2"

Infill Options


There are many options for infill materials. The infill systems are designed to create a ballast to prevent wrinkling and it truly gives artificial turf the support and stability to make it maintain the appearance of naturl grass. There are many options when choosing an infill material for your artificial turf. Most products require 1lb to 3lb of infill per square foot. Adding infill material on top of your synthetic grass is the final stage of the installation process.

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